Former street hustler turned Family Man, "The Black Heff," is pushing the world of reality TV, something so Addictive, it has to be a series. The Black Heff Show: Uncensored, Unrated, and COMPLETELY Unscripted…America’s soon to be Favorite guilty pleasure will have fans feigning for more!  

  Ready to raise eyebrows and sure to stir up controversy is the one and only…Black Heff a self-titled combination of a modern day Cliff Huxtable and Larry Flynt. Sporting a smoking robe while puffing on Al Capone cigars, with SEVERAL beautiful Caucasian women by his side, people are tempted to call him a “Pimp”. If living the American Dream with a full circle of Success is “Pimpin”’ The Black Heff is guilty as charged.
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 Dreams really do come true! As a Midwestern, small town girl, I never thought that I would ever see more than my daily life. I always knew that I would fit right in with the glamorous lives that I only seen on TV, but still seen no way out. As a single mom, I was living a “just getting by” lifestyle and I wanted to show my son more than the hard streets of Muskegon, Michigan.

  My dreams came true when my girlfriend’s and I went to see Young Jezzy and Rick Ross live in convert the summer of 2008 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There is when I met The Black Heff and was introduced to Team Concept Entertainment. My life changed instantly! From then on, my everyday life has been front row in first class everywhere I go! A Reality Show, music videos, awards, 3 half million dollar homes, luxurious cars, V.I.P parties all over the country, and closets full of Gucci and bebe with high heels to the ceiling. I have everything a lady could ever ask for and a dream’s with the opportunities for my child. With God, and a great team by my side, there is nothing that I can’t do!! Team Work Makes A Dream Work!!
 I never thought I would live a life of happiness and success... Especially growing up living threw hard times and struggle in Flint, MI. The day I met 
the Black Heff was the day my life changed from being a plain Jane to damn near having everything!! I have always dreamed of endless opportunities, and with Team Concept Entertainment the sky is the limit. I have grown to be a beautiful woman with style and class. I can give my daughter the life I always wanted for her because of the life skills shown to me threw the company. I am thankful to be blessed to have everything I could ever 
ask for. I have my own half million dollar house, I ride in luxury cars, travel 
across the country to major parties and events, and its not a bad feeling to go shopping and just throw it in the bag!! I am only 22 years old, and I have accomplished more in my life in the 2 years I’ve been here then people 
I know twice my age. We are a strong team focused on the same and common goal,cause we got the Million Dolla Disease that means we gotta keep cash to breathe! 
I'm Teva born and raised in Tx, proud to be a southerner! I met Black Heff threw a friend, everything I was told and explained fell right in to place over night! I've been all over the US, from state to state, city to city Dallas, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami... Vegas....and soon the world! We own several half million dollar homes in the suburbs and ride in nothing but brand new foreign cars.. its VIP everywhere we go and front row! Events with other celebrities, personally invited! Closets full of name brand designer heels and clothing! Peace, and love in all house holds topped with laughter and God! I have a Great Team that keeps me motivated and wants to see the best for me as I want for them, anything and everything I want is in my dispoal! I was struggling with 2 jobs, getting ready for college and worrying how I was gonna pay for it, finding my own place, wondering how I was gonna take care of ALL other expenses. Feeling stuck in a town I grew up in... Those are no longer my worries! With Gods blessing and the Black Heff, who introduce me to Team Concept I've never been happier or more confident to comfortably move forward with my future and actually have something well worth giving my all! My life is so much simpler, I have guidence and direction! I love my life and I haven't turned back since!